May 16, 2022
Our New Fields Are Progressing!

Lavender Update:  The Sweet variety are blooming and we are allowing cutting of bundles. We will continue to cut as long as we have blooms that are ready. We finished replanting most of the fields over the past couple of months. Our spring bloomer the Sweet variety are spiking and the blooms are starting to develop. We may have lavender for cutting in the next 3-4 weeks. We will continue to monitor their progress and we will continue to update our customers. The primary varieties are Sweet, Provence and Phenomenal, however, we are testing new varieties to see if they can sustain the heat and humidity. All of these varieties produce blooms with longer stems which make them better for cutting bundles. We will keep you updated as they grow and develop for the next several weeks.


General Information: One of the primary questions that we get asked is "when is the best time to come and see the lavender in bloom?".  We grow two varieties and each one of them bloom at different times. The Sweet variety is our spring bloomer and usually blooms in May/June. The blooming progress is always affected by sun, rain, cold and heat so therefore the actual blooming varies a few weeks either way.  The Provence variety is our late summer bloomer and generally blooms at the end of July and through August and September.  

  During the blooming of either variety we allow visitors to the farm to cut bundles.  Each blooming cycle lasts for 6-8 weeks. 

Blackberries:  The blackberry plants are currently blooming and we anticipate the berries ripening in JuneThe blackberries were great last year! We have recently added more plants to help fill our blackberry field. We will keep you updated on their progress! 

Peaches:  The peaches are ripening and we are allowing picking from May 19th through May 22nd (as long as they last). The variety are Florda King peaches and they are small but very sweet and juicy. Price is $3 / pound, Hurry and come out...they won't last long. 


Figs: The figs were slow to ripen last season and they didn't get as large as we had hoped. We think that the freeze also took it's toll last year on the crop. We will start pruning back the bushes to get ready for the new season.

Keep checking the website for current updates and even if you’re planning a trip out to the farm in the next few weeks or months, remember that the drive and landscapes are gorgeous in Washington County! The farm is beautiful even when the lavender is not blooming. Stroll the fields and enjoy all of the handmade products and culinary items in our gift shop “The Lavender Patch”.  Relax in one of our rocking chairs and drink a glass of cold lemonade on the porch.  You can also visit our three miniature goats, Fonzie, Oreo and Moonshine.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Sweet Lavender.jpg
Sweet lavender