July 19, 2021
New Fields in Progress!

Lavender:  With the hard freeze last February, the Sweet variety was hit the hardest. That is the lavender that blooms in April / May. There was a little green at the base of the plants but in order to try to save those plants, we would need to cut them back almost to the ground. Since these plants were more mature, we decided that it would be best to replant that variety. We have replanted the field and since the plants are still very small we don't expect blooms for cutting this year. Due to the excessive amount of rain over the past few weeks, we saw damage on the remaining lavender so we pulled the Provence lavender and will replant that field in the fall when it is cooler. The Provence lavender handled the freeze better, but did not hold up well with the excessive rain.


General Information: One of the primary questions that we get asked is "when is the best time to come and see the lavender in bloom?".  We grow two varieties and each one of them bloom at different times. The Sweet variety is our spring bloomer and usually blooms in May/June. The blooming progress is always affected by sun, rain, cold and heat so therefore the actual blooming varies a few weeks either way.  The Provence variety is our late summer bloomer and generally blooms at the end of July and through August and September.  

  During the blooming of either variety we allow visitors to the farm to cut bundles.  Each blooming cycle lasts for 6-8 weeks. 

Blackberries:  The blackberries were great this year! We have added additional plants this season. The berry vines were full of berries and we have been picking since the first part of June. All of the berries have been picked for this season. 

Peaches:  The peach trees produced a great crop last year! They were starting to bud out recently when the freeze hit. It looks like the timing of the freeze unfortunately ruined the blooms for this years crop. The pear trees however had lots of blooms and have put on pears. They will take a while to ripen so stay tuned for more updates.


Figs: The figs are leafing out and we hope to have a good fig crop this year. We will update the Blooming Update page as to their progress.

Keep checking the website for current updates and even if you’re planning a trip out to the farm in the next few weeks or months, remember that the drive and landscapes are gorgeous in Washington County! The farm is beautiful even when the lavender is not blooming. Stroll the fields and enjoy all of the handmade products and culinary items in our gift shop “The Lavender Patch”.  Relax in one of our rocking chairs and drink a glass of cold lemonade on the porch.  You can also visit our three miniature goats, Fonzie, Oreo and Moonshine.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Sweet Lavender.jpg
Sweet lavender