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2023 Groups Welcome!

On your visit to the farm and gift shop you will experience the serenity and charm that this working lavender farm offers. Stroll among the lush lavender plants and cut your own fresh lavender ($5 per bundle) during the blooming season. (The blooming varies from season to season and also previous weather conditions). Always check the "Blooming Update" page for the latest information on the blooms. Please use reservation form below to schedule large bus groups. 

We are especially proud of our gift shop "The Lavender Patch". Most of the unique gift items are handmade by local artisans in the Brenham area and the bath and body products are made right here on the farm. On your visit, you will also be sampling the lavender jams, lavender infused honey, lavender candy and our specially made pink lavender lemonade. 

Our bath and body products are handmade using the finest ingredients and pure lavender essential oil.

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Bringing out a large group? Here is some information that might be helpful.

Larger groups are welcome by appointment with 12 people or more during week days but we also invite groups out on weekends as well. If you are coming out when the farm is open to the public and your group is over 12 people, we would still like to know when you are coming so that we can be better prepared

Your group can take a "self tour" and stroll the fields and visit the gazebo or our miniature goats

Large groups can be scheduled either in the morning or afternoon


We prefer that groups schedule at least 2-4 weeks in advance (For large groups of 12 people or more)


When scheduling, we will need the name of your group, day/date, time of arrival, contact information and number of guests in your group - We do confirm groups 2-4 days prior to your visit


Self tours usually last approximately 1 hour however if it is during our blooming season your visit could be a bit longer if the guests are cutting


There is no fee for your visit - Your guests will only be charged for what is purchased in our gift shop or cutting bundles.


The best time to come out to see the lavender blooming and to cut would be May-June for the Sweet variety or August-September for the Provence variety. Another great time to come out to the farm is late March-mid April when the wild flowers are blooming (the lavender is not blooming at that time). Please be sure to check our website for blooming updates. Lavender blooms depend on the current weather or issues that may  have occurred during the previous months, ex: too much rain, extreme cold, etc.


If you're scheduling on line on our website, please use the large group  reservation form and please make sure that we confirm your reservation via email or by phone.


The gift shop is wheelchair accessible. Please let us know in advance if any of your guests will be in wheelchairs or needing special assistance.


The fields are close enough to the gift shop so seniors should not have any problems in venturing out to explore the fields.


We do not have a restaurant on the property so any dining will need to be planned for another location or you can picnic in our picnic area or outdoor deck. We can arrange for box lunches in advance. These boxes include either charcoudery or sandwiches with fruit or chips and dessert. Let us know in advance if you are interested in ordering box lunches. Pricing will depend on the size and contents of the box lunch. We will be happy to give you information on local restaurants. We do have a limited number of picnic tables so they are available if you would like to bring a lunch. We can order box lunches in advance through "Edible Creations". Below is the menu for box lunches:

If you are arriving on a  bus, we ask that your guests remain seated so that our host can board the bus and give a short introduction about the farm and gift shop. This seems to make it much easier for visitors while they are seated and comfortable. It's also a great time for them to ask questions.


We look forward to your visit! If you need further information or have additional questions, please feel free to call us. We will get back with you as soon as possible.  Our main phone number is (979) 251-8114

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